Several times a week, Francesca, Reto and Hugo head to the YMCA’s Seniors’ Zone, where they each enjoy a variety of physical, social and recreational activities.

Just like you, we strive for strong, healthy and vibrant communities where people come together, get involved and embrace diversity.

A real hub of community life, the YMCA is a place that welcomes everyone. Through our services, we aim to create a greater sense of community and engagement.

Every day, via our programs and facilities, our outreach workers welcome and support newcomers, lend a hand to the homeless, help people with criminal records lead a stable life, assist families with their children’s education and improve the lives of seniors.

By providing seniors with a safe, friendly and stimulating meeting place, we help reduce their isolation.

Our impact


homeless people received support to regain control of their lives and find their place in society.


people with criminal records increased their chances of a successful social and professional reintegration.


newcomers were welcomed and received housing and support.